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Whether you do or not, your customers reside online, and are spending more and more time engaging with non-traditional media such as social media platforms.

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram are dominating eyeballs online, so it’s no surprise that brands are carving themselves a position in this new media world.

Hook Media can help find when, where and what platform your target audience is interacting, and help create a strategic plan to ensure you can reach them.

We offer services to help with management of your social media accounts, engagement with customers, responses to customer queries, measurement of the impact and reach of each communication as well as feedback and analytics on interactions.

We can help you plan and leverage wider company marketing collateral and campaigns across social media platforms, including events, sponsorship and brand promotions.

“Management of our social media, including branding, was something we knew we needed to pay more attention to, but we also acknowledged we needed help and direction to use the streams effectively.

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Client Feedback

“Hook Media created a new level of engagement with the Eltham Dandenong Junior Basketball Tournament (EDJBT) through the operation of Instagram. It provided a new way for players to connect with each other and with the event. Hook Media have continued to provide guidance and maintenance on our club social media streams, specifically the club’s
Facebook page which has helped us to spread our engagement.

“We also undertook a professional marketing photo shoot which involved our junior and senior players to assist us in branding. I was able to outline and discuss ideas and thoughts and we were very happy with the final product.”

Greg Jeffers
Chief Executive Officer
Eltham Wildcats Basketball Club

“The decision to contact Hook Media was one of the best I have made in relation to gaining external advice. Ryan did a fantastic job breaking all of our social media platforms down and providing not only advice on how to increase our presence and use, but also provided some great feedback on what we were doing right.

“The fact that Ryan then went away and developed a summary document after our consultation demonstrates their professionalism. This document has been a fantastic asset and something I regularly go back to for refreshers and advice.”

Lucas Allen
Marketing and Sponsorship Manager
Southern Peninsula Basketball Association

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