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Whether you do or not, your customers reside online, and are spending more and more time engaging with non-traditional media such as social media platforms.

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram are dominating eyeballs online, so it’s no surprise that brands are carving themselves a position in this new media world.

Hook Media can help find when, where and what platform your target audience is interacting, and help create a strategic plan to ensure you can reach them.

We create valuable social media content that can be leveraged online to promote your brand and marketing messages, growing your online following.

We offer consulting services to help with management of your social media accounts, engagement with customers, responses to customer queries, measurement of the impact and reach of each communication as well as feedback and analytics on interactions.

We can help you leverage wider company marketing collateral and campaigns across social media platforms, including events, sponsorship and brand promotions.

Ask us to:

  • – Create and optimise your social media accounts for success
  • – Create and deliver a social media strategy
  • – Create and deliver a social media editorial content calendar
  • – Deliver training and resources for staff to effectively role-out the above
  • – Take over the management of your social media accounts, during specific campaigns, or on a specific platform

Another key Hook Media offering available are specific ‘Social Media Workshops‘, offering training and guidance in understanding your online identity.

Find out more about our social media workshops here




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